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Child Health Insurance

As a parent or guardian, you work hard to provide for your children and make sure they grow up to be bright, happy and healthy. Even if parents are unable to afford health insurance on their own, child health insurance may still be available due to specialized children’s health insurance programs in every state.

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State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)

Every state in the U.S. has SCHIP’s to cover Child Health Insurance. This public program provides health insurance either free or low in cost for those under the age of 18. SCHIP coverage helps pay for Pediatrician visits, prescription medication, hospitalizations, etc.

According to Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and their Covering Kids and Families ‘Back-to-School Campaign,’ “more than 70% of these children are likely eligible for low-cost or free health care coverage through SCHIP or Medicaid, but have not yet enrolled.” Even if your child is ineligible for SCHIP, you’ll still have an opportunity to find low-cost policies through; quotes are free and there is no obligation to commit to an insurance policy.

Medicaid For Children

When trying to find child health insurance, Medicaid can be one of the more common routes that parents will research and see if their children are available for coverage. Medicaid offers a variety of Child Health Services programs from Certified School Match Programs to Early Intervention and even Therapy Services. The purpose of these programs is to try to keep children insured and make sure they are constantly getting all the necessary care that is needed.

Comparing Private and Public Children’s Health Insurance Plans

In addition to programs like SCHIP and Medicaid, it is being recommended that Congress should use federal funds to approve buying private child health insurance plans rather than continuing to expand public health insurance. With this addition, there would be even more options to get uninsured children covered.

Some may assume that private child insurance is more efficient and effective; however, public and private insurance are very similar in coverage and just have minor differences in costs, access, benefits and deductibles. There are scores of child health insurance plans on the market, which is why a free quote from will help you plan which policy is best for your own child.

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